Serena J. Bishop

"My goal is to tell a unique story containing main characters who identify as LGBTQ and is written in such a way that individuals of all backgrounds can relate."

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What do you do when you’re a lesbian, but your girlfriend has a husband? Marry her husband’s secret boyfriend, of course.

It’s the 1990s and Roni, Gina, Steven, and Early decide the most logical way they can live happily as a family is through a dual bearded arrangement. They buy a large home and become the supportive family none of them ever had. It’s everything they could have dreamed…until life happened.

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About the Author:

"I started writing the books that I wanted to read. Not necessarily a 'gay book', but an interesting novel that just so happened to have gay characters."

Serena J. Bishop is a daydreamer who comes from a long line of storytellers. She had been writing technically for over a decade when she decided to give life to the fantasies she played out in her head when she was stuck in traffic or couldn’t sleep at night. When she’s not writing fiction or technical pieces she enjoys being a nerd (is a self-proclaimed expert with Buffy trivia), surprising others with her pop culture knowledge, dining out, or finding a new craft beer or wine she enjoys.

She has spent most of her life in Pennsylvania, but now resides in Maryland with her lovely wife and chihuahua.

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